Communities for Outdoor Therapists

As humans we are drawn to connection.  And as professionals, community can be key for learning, preventing burn out, compassion, and problem solving.  There are more and more community spaces popping up and we want you to find a community of nature based therapists that inspires and supports you!  You are responsible for doing your own research to determine if a community is good fit for your personality style, schedule, and goals. Please reach out to the community host with your specific questions. Community listings are updated once a month.  If you have a community that supports therapists taking their work outdoors to add, click HERE

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Gather and Grow Meetings for Nature Based Therapists:  
Gather and Grow meetings are monthly, small group, live Zoom calls for nature-based therapists to connect, support, give, and receive in community. During this meeting, we will discuss questions, challenge areas, celebrations, and current cases in nature based therapy to grow collectively. You should enter to the meeting ready to give more than you receive, with an open mind to new ideas, and committed to the spirit of community.  Co-hosted by Marika Austin of Bearfoot Occupational Therapy and Angela Rosenburg of Treeline Enrichment.  

Other Communities to Get Involved In

Nature Based O.T. & The Nature Superhero Network
Free Facebook group hosted by Lisa Haverly of Rainbow Tree Therapies
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Therapy in the Great Outdoors
Online community platform with free and paid tiers of access open to nature based therapists.    
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NatureOTs – Connect and Grow
Free Facebook group hosted by Bronwyn Painter of Nature OT.
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Canadian Therapists in Nature
A virtual community tailored to Canadian centered resources and spaces. 
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