Courses for Nature Based Therapists

We are always on the look out for new and exciting learning opportunities for occupational therapists that are working outdoors with kids!  Here are some options we have found, taken, or heard about over time.  You are responsible for doing your own research to determine if a course is good fit for your learning style, therapeutic approach, personality, educational needs, and finances.  Please reach out to the course host with your specific questions. Course listings are updated once a month.  If you have a training for nature based therapists to add, click HERE

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Nature Based Therapy Bootcamp
A comprehensive, efficient crash course to feel confident and READY to get outdoors with kids.  From mindset to the nitty gritty of nature based practice, this course is jam packed to help you take your work outdoors in 30 days or less. It includes everything you need to hit the ground running as a nature based OT!   Developed in partnership between Marika Austin of Bearfoot Occupational Therapy and Angela Rosenburg of Treeline Enrichment.  

Other Courses to Check Out

Grounded to Grow Retreat for Nature Based Therapists 
A community learning event, where each attendee contributes to the success of the retreat.  Therapists arrive as equals, embracing an abundance mindset, open sharing, and the intention to lift each other up as people, professionals, and business owners.  Held in the Chicago vicinity every August, this retreat is coordinated by multiple nature-based therapy practices.
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Growing Roots: Online Practitioner TrainingEco-Sensory Therapy Practitioner Training 
Comprehensive virtual training designed to give you the necessary knowledge, foundations and skills to safely move your practice into nature. Course taught by a team of occupational therapists and a psychologist out of the UK.
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‘Sowing the Seeds’: Introductory Webinar to EcoSensory Therapy
In this 1-hour, free, live webinar, the EcoSensory Therapy team will reveal the evidence and neuroscience into the regulating and transformative power of working with nature. 
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Rooted in Rhythm
Rooted in Rhythm designed to capture the birds eye view of nature based work providing a strong evidence base, holistic viewpoint, & breadth of scope of our OT profession.  The foundation!  Hosted and taught by Lisa Haverly & Nature Superhero Network. 
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Nature Based Therapy Groups: An Overview of Development and Implementation
Access the 90-minute masterclass recording to learn about the development and implementation of both adult and pediatric nature based groups.  Taught by Alanna Davis of Larchwood OT in Nature.
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The Therapeutic Benefits of Outdoor Play
This 1-hour course by Angela Hanscom will unveil the therapeutic benefits of outdoor play. Participants will learn about the occupation of outdoor play, how it is at risk, its incredible benefits, and ways to restore this childhood right both in the school and home settings.
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The Decline of Play Outdoors in Children – And the Rise in Sensory Issues
This 1-hour course by Angela Hanscom offers several strategies to help children thrive in outdoor environments using a therapeutic approach to nature play.
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The ConTiGo Approach
A comprehensive online program taught by Laura Park Figarora from Outdoor Kids OT that includes resources, templates, and mentoring. 
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Nature Based Occupational Therapy
This 1 hour course by Integrative OT is for anyone who is interested in learning more about what nature based OT is & how to easily incorporate nature-based strategies into your practice.
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5 Practical Steps to Move Through Imposter Syndrome
In this free, 40-minute recorded webinar, you will learn 5 practical steps to move through imposter syndrome when it sneaks up on you as a nature based therapist.  Taught by Angela Rosenburg of Treeline Enrichment and Marika Austin of Bearfoot OT.  
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Creating a Sensational Mud Kitchen: A holistic, sensory-based  perspective to recapture childhood.
A comprehensive guide for caretakers, educators, therapists and anyone interested in fostering mud kitchen play.  Taught by Daniele Fallon, OTR/L of Boise Outdoor OT
Coming June 2024

Business Trainings for Nature Based Therapists

The Ultimate Guide to Package Pricing
In this course, you’ll learn how to make more money AND create the practice that aligns with your true vision for therapy through the magic of package pricing!  Course taught by Marika Austin of Bearfoot OT.
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